M a s h a M e l

Monday, 17 October 2011

Too cool for school. Vice Russia

This shoot was inspired by my Moscow school and the nostalgic memories of my tenth grade. That year was full of adventure, experiencing youth and being hooligans. I tried to capture everything that we used to do: missing classes, hiding for a smoke and hanging out behind garages.  I would say this shoot is a bit documentary because I recorded the real places and spirit of that time.

Photography: Masha Mel
    Fashion Styling: Tess Yopp
Hair and make up: Polly
Models: Mona and Alena


  1. Whoa this shoot is really cool!! Nice job =)

  2. picturesque <3
    love your style

  3. your pictures are awesome! inspiration for my AS levels shoot, thank you!
    at what age did you start taking photographs?x

  4. thank you. 4 years ago :)