M a s h a M e l

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Current stage

Hello hello, I haven't been writing here much but from today I want to change it and write updates on my dynamic and funny life. Everyday is like a scene from the hollywood film haha.
So today my day was filled with the uni trip (how I hate it), listening for two hours about music law made me feel sick plus a thought about my future exam where my current knowledge equals to zero. After cooking italian inspired dinner for my boyfriend the evening was filled with numerous amount of photoshop and working on Vrag.

Instead of having a super luxury break with my parents in Miami I decided to kick my ass around and work a lot. I have been working during my holidays with cold, it wasn't exciting, coughing for thirty minutes non stop and holding a camera at the same time.

Here are updates on some super cool projects I worked on.

Lazy Oaf look book. These guys are so great and it was a pleasure to work with them.

My muse Kit. Kit always inspires me not only with her look, but with her appearance, character and gestures. 

Hello form US Nylon. Got two issues with my pictures in it. Dry the River and Maya Jane Coles.

Preview from the amazing shoot we did with Tess Yopp and Oonah Anderson. We built the set and made it look like a prom party. Soon more.

I-D magazine  and Uniqlo project. That was fun! Shooting 10 people in few hours, thanks to my friend Alena we did it.