M a s h a M e l

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Malaika @ Premier

This girl is absolutely stunning! With the exotic mix of her beautiful eyes, her cute curly hair and olive skin, we all fell in love with her!

Photographer: Masha Mel
Stylist: Kit Shyrixina and Tess Yopp
Make up and hair: Kenny Leung and Meena Bhella
Model: Malaika @ Premier

Blue T-shirt by Converse

Malaika wears t-shirt by Converse and shoes by Chanel.

Malaika wears shirt by Rachel Warmisham.

Malaika wears shirt by Rachel Warmisham and black shorts by Chloe.

                               Shorts by Blouson Noir.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Russian Dacha

A Dacha is a place in the countryside where Russians like to spend holidays, especially in summer. Most houses are small and wooden, usually with a garden at the back where people grow vegetables. It’s common for many families to send their children to the Dacha for the whole summer. I used to cry when my parents sent me there but in the end I didn’t want to come back to town. I spent half of my childhood in the Dacha , climbing the trees and building dens. It was a bright time in my life, though I once saw our neighbour dead and eaten by rats and my grandmother had a mental disorder which scared me so much that I always tried to escape from her room in our Dacha’s house. Once she told me that she saw somebody’s eyes on the wall.
Photography: Masha Mel
Fashion Styling and words: Tess Yopp
Model: Alena Johnson

Going to the zoo

Photography and words: Masha Mel
Model: Mona
I wanted to do a shoot with animals a long time ago. I called the pet agency and was told that to rent a dog would cost £250 per hour plus travel expenses. Amazing! I even considered buying a dog and opening my own agency. As we all know dreams come true in Moscow. Even though I thought that all the animals in the Moscow zoo died a long time ago, leaving only smell, it wasn’t true. My friend Mona got into the zoo for free by pretending to be a school child and I had to pay £4 to get in. We met many cute animals which made our day.